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Saturday, January 23, 2010

First breeding experience

I am very excited hopeful that I had my first successful breeding between Layla and Barrymore, both red satins.  LOL, the biggest issue I had is that Layla was none too happy when I tried to remove her from Barrymore's cage. She was laying beside him, grooming him and happy as a bunnie in love. She would roll over top of him and lay on her back.  It's been a week and she seems to me to be a bit grumpy. Wondering if that is normal with hormone changes.  Barrymore on the other hand is still his usual love bunnie self. He is just a hoot and I love him. He runs to the cage door every day and hangs his head out for a kiss on the nose.  Layla has always been a bit on the "stay away" side and she is even more so. She is still eating just fine and otherwise her usual self. I'm hoping the kits get Barrymore's "gimme kiss" personality.
I picked up another 3 stack of cages to be ready, even though it will be a couple months if we have been a success. Picked up some timothy hay for everyone. Barrymore does not seem fond of grass hay and I don't want him to get wool block but he devours timothy.
One terrific thing is that my new raised garden is already topped off with bunnie manure.


  1. Fun story. I had a gimme kiss mommy that I bred to a stay away buck and three of the four are gimme kiss bunnies. LOL

  2. Layla is a very cute name...
    My white Angoras blue eyes called Lilly, Ludmilla, Ludo and Liam.Perhaps there is a Layla/Baby next year
    best wishes from Germany